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So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast takes an uncensored look at the world of free expression through personal stories and candid conversations.
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Mar 14, 2024

On today’s episode, we discuss Alexei Navalny’s death, Vladimir Putin, censorship in Russia, and Samizdat Online, an anti-censorship platform that grants users living under authoritarian regimes access to news and other censored content. Yevgeny “Genia” Simkin is the co-founder of Samizdat Online and Stanislav “Stas” Kucher is its chief content officer.




0:00 Introduction 

2:25 Alexei Navalny 

8:53 The state of Russian opposition

20:48 The origins of Samizdat Online

28:17 How does Samizdat Online circumvent censorship? 

35:16 Could Yevgeny Prigozhin have overthrown Putin?

41:03 The progression of Putin’s regime 

58:08 How can people help? 

59:56 Outro


Show notes


Statement by Russian prison service on Alexei Navalny’s death

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (nonprofit established by Alexei Navalny)

Samizdat Online

Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible” by Peter Pomerantsev



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